Boost Your Immunity Series Vol.7 : Take care of your hands, which tend to be rough with alcohol disinfection

Hello! I am Nirasawa, a staff member at Suzuki Herb Laboratory.

I will be giving you information on how to have a healthy body and skin to make your everyday life more comfortable.

Does hand sanitizer cause hand roughness?

It is recommended to wash hands frequently, gargle and disinfect with alcohol to prevent coronavirus infection.
The concentration of alcohol with an antiviral effect is said to be at least 70%.

However, the alcohol concentration of 70% is quite irritating for the skin.
Continuing to use alcohol sanitization and hand washing will eliminate bacteria and viruses, but it also eliminates the good bacteria that normally live on our skin...!

Good bacteria not only live in the gut, but also live on the surface of the skin in abundance.
When the good bacteria on the skin increases, sebum is secreted in moderation and the skin is moisturized naturally.
On the other hand, when the good bacteria are lost, the skin is not moisturized and becomes increasingly dry.
In result...the skin becomes rough and flaky.

How to take care of rough hands?

If you touch a doorknob with rough skin, you can easily take in germs, viruses and allergens into your body, which can increase the risk of infection.
Take care of your hands right away if they're rough.

It is important to keep your hands moisturized and replenished with good bacteria to prevent and improve hand roughness.
Apply plenty of hand cream as soon as your hands feel dry.
It is recommended that you apply the cream often and often, as the friction will remove it.

To increase your good bacteria, we recommend applying lactic acid bacteria to your skin.
Apply yogurt on your hands and leave it on for about 5 minutes to make your skin smooth.
After the pack, rinse your hands with water, remove the water and apply hand cream.
If you cover the good bacteria with hand cream to keep them from escaping, the effect will last longer.

Recommended for hand care! ♦Probiotics Lotion♦

Our laboratory has a skincare series containing lactic bacteria.

I will introduce "Probiotics Lotion" this time.

One bottle of this lotion contains over 400 billion lactic acid bacteria (good bacteria).

I have never seen any other product that contains this many.

After sanitizing your hands with alcohol, supplement your hands with Probiotics Lotion to supplement the good bacteria.

Then applying hand cream would be perfect.

Try the double use of Probiotics Lotion and hand cream to care for your hands!

Suzuki Herb Laboratory will continue to support your body and skin for good health.

Thank you for reading.