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Japanese Herb Series 8 : “Rakkyo”(Japanese shallot), the medicine of the field

Rakkyo, Japanese shallot, is a very vigorous plant. It is easy to grow in any kind of soil, even in poor soil. In the herb garden of Suzuki Herb Laboratory, we started growing Rakky o nine years ago, and it has been growing and producing every year. It is a perfect herb to plant at the edge of the garden.         ▲ Rakkyo from the garden of Suzuki Herb Laboratory Rakkyo is called the "medicine of the field, while soybeans are called the "meat of the field." Rakkyo is extremely nutritious, with allyl sulfide and soluble dietary fiber, which help relieve fatigue, boost immunity, and prevent illness. So, it is used in crude drugs and Chinese herbal medicine. I think it is a good food to actively add to our diet to prevent infections. It has a blood thinning effect and blood purification, normalizes the function of the circulatory system, and is good for diabetes and cardiac asthma. May to July is the best season for Rakkyo. Get some fresh Rakkyo and eat it for your health.

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