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What is skin friendly hair removal method recommended for junior high school students?

What hair removal method is recommended for junior high school students?
Junior high school students are just about to start to worry about people's eyes.
As a parent, you will often come to think of why they care about that! One of the points is waste hair treatment.
You may want to say, “Isn’t it too early to take a hair removal at such a young age?” “You can just leave it that way” or “Others don't see you that much”. However, adolescence is a time when they care about their surrounding gaze.
Even if you let the child put up with it, the trouble will not be solved. But you will be worried about letting them do unwanted hair treatment as much as they like.

Is it surprisingly the same as an adult? The situation of waste hair treatment of junior high school students
Perhaps you may have an idea that the situation of removing hair in teens and adults are very different. However, in reality, such situation for teenagers is not much different from that of adults.

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