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Treasuring Our Connection with People

Handmade Calendar Project In our goal to be a company that prioritizes connection with people, Suzuki Herb Laboratory has engaged in various initiatives over the years. 
We have community activities and programs such as cleaning areas around the company building, maintaining flower beds, donating flowers and herb seedlings to nearby schools, and providing opportunities for children to learn about our work. 
This time, we would like to talk about helping people with disabilities find work through the sales of handmade calendars.

At Suzuki Herb Laboratory, we hope to help people with disabilities find work in the community and have a purpose in life, by supporting the non-profit organization Matsubokkuri (Authorized) Disabled Persons Employment Support Center Workable Hope. 
The NPO Matsubokkuri conducts consultation support and employment support for disabled individuals to help them become independent.
As a part of this initiative, they sell calendars with herb illustrations handmade by di…

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