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GIVEAWAY hair removal cream (ENDS: 5th JUNE,2023)

🎁✨  GIVEAWAY  ✨🎁 We are giving away a pineapple and soy milk hair removal cream to 5 winners! You can easily remove hair at home in about 15 minutes after applying the hair removal cream. Containing 18 kinds of herbal extracts, it is gentle and smooth on the skin. Safe to use on body and bikini area (V-line). Leaves a salon-like finish. For more information on the giveaway campaign πŸ‘‡ . 1) Like this post 2) Follow this account ( @pinesoy.shl ) These two steps are all you need to do to complete your application GIVEAWAY ENDS: 5th JUNE,2023 ✨ How to increase your chance to win! ✨ Leave a comment on this post! or Share this post to your story! [Eligibility]. You must have an Instagram account. Must have a public account. Those with private accounts or those who have opted out of receiving messages are not eligible. [Announcement of Winners] After the application deadline, winners will be notified after strict screening. Winners will receive a direct message from the official a

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