“Natto Lotion” and “Natto Soap” received "Good Design Award 2020"!

Today we have great news from Suzuki Herb Laboratory!

“Natto Lotion” and “Natto Soap” won the 2020 Good Design Award (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion) for the first time.


What is Good Design Award?

Good Design Award is an evaluation and promotion activity for representative Japanese design, inheriting the Good Design Product Selection System established in 1957. Many companies and organizations in Japan and abroad participate in this global design award every year with the aim of improving the quality of life and applying design to solve society's problems and themes. The "G mark," the symbol of the award, is widely recognized as a symbol of excellence in design. http://www.g-mark.org/

Natto Lotion and Natto Soap were developed by our founder to cure his newborn daughter of severe skin irritation. These products have been long-selling since the company was founded in 2004, focusing on the moisturizing polyglutamic acid contained in Natto (fermented soybeans).

With a desire to make the Natto Lotion and Natto Soap representative of Ibaraki Prefecture, and with an eye on overseas expansion, we spent a year from the summer of 2017 co-designing the packaging with the help of Associate Professor Tadanobu Hara's seminar at Tsukuba University (@Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture).

We created an image design that combines "Japanese-ness" and a "sense of locality" with the company's brand concept of "Herbal Science".

▲Students in Associate Professor Tadanobu Hara's seminar at Tsukuba University (from left to right, Ms. Ichikawa, Ms. Koyama, and Ms. Kubota)

We received the following positive feedback from the judges.
"Natto is known as a famous Japanese product worldwide. The work was highly evaluated for its innovative idea of making a lotion and soap using Natto.
And, it was also important to note that they put their customers first, focusing on natural ingredients and careful manufacturing.
We look forward to the further evolution of these products so that they will be widely selected around the world."

▼Product Information

Natto Lotion

Contents : 150mL

For body and face care during the dry season. A full-body lotion with polyglutamic acid, a ingredient derived from natto, which moisturizes the skin.
Natto Soap

Contents : 80g

Fine lather removes pore dirt and grime. Luxurious soap with beauty ingredients to cleanse and moisturize your skin.

We will take this award as an opportunity to confront our customers' problems and strive to improve the skin of as many people as possible by transcending national borders, keeping in mind the memory of the moment when the daughter of our founder regained her smile.

Suzuki Herb Laboratory