Boost Your Immunity Series Vol.6: Foods that Improve the Immune System - Fermented Food: Yogurts

 Hello! This is Takahashi, a Suzuki Herb Laboratory staff.

I will be giving you information on how to have a healthy body and skin to make your everyday life more comfortable.

In this issue, I will talk about “Foods that Improve the Immune System", namely fermented food such as yogurts.


It’s a popular fermented food that is rich in lactic bacteria and improves your gut immunity.

This “superfood” does not only improve the immunity, but it also contains components for beautiful skin such as vitamin A and B2, calcium that is essential for bones and teeth, as well as high-quality protein.

It’s effective to eat yogurt after a meal!

It is important to increase the number of good bacteria in your gut, as told in our previous posts. Also, lactic bacteria are essential to raise the number of good bacteria.

However, it’s quite a task to deliver live lactic bacteria to the intestines. It’s because lactic bacteria are weak against stomach acid. That is why we should consider “when to eat yogurt”.

It’s said that stomach acid has less impact for 30 minutes or less after a meal, so the best time to eat yogurt is right after a meal and not when you are hungry.

Many people don’t have an appetite in the morning and just have yogurt, but this way of eating yogurt limits the lactic bacteria’s effectiveness.

Increase effectiveness! How to eat yogurt

We’re here to tell you the best ways to eat yogurt, so it becomes even more effective.

1. Eat 200-300g of yogurt a day.
2. Choose the type of yogurt by goals.
3. Eat it with honey and bananas.

1. Eat 200-300g a day

The lactic bacteria you consumed as food do not stay in the intestines for a long time, so it is necessary to eat it every day. A 200-300g yogurt a day is necessary to maintain the number of lactic bacteria in the intestines.

2. Choose the type of yogurt by goals

Yogurt with specific enhanced benefits like “improved immunity” or “hay fever prevention” are available on the market. We recommend checking the labels and selecting ones that match your goals. To see the “compatibility” with your body, eat the same yogurt for at least two weeks.

3. Eat it with honey and bananas

It’s effective to eat yogurt with oligosaccharide, which is a food for good bacteria in the large intestines. Honey and bananas are rich in oligosaccharides, so they are perfect for eating with yogurt.

We have shared with you how to eat yogurt, such as the way to eat it, how to select, and what to eat it with.

It may be something you eat daily without much thought, but just remembering a few things can be powerful in enhancing your immunity.

Please be sure to incorporate the methods we introduced to you this time.

Let’s eat delicious yogurt and improve our immune system!

A Face Wash that Contains Lactic Bacteria

You might think that lactic bacteria just go to the stomach like yogurt, but did you know that they are also useful in promoting beautiful skin?

In our bodies and skin, there are more than 100 million bacteria that have essential functions. Among them, the “staphylococcus epidermidis” are vital bacteria in maintaining skin moisture and health. 
People call it the “Beautiful Skin Bacteria.” Lactic Bacteria increases the number of these beautiful skin bacteria by becoming nutrients for the bacteria to function lively.

Our laboratory has a skincare series containing lactic bacteria.

Below, we will introduce the “Probiotics Face Wash .”

The Probiotics Face Wash is capable of the following:

1. Maintain the number of beautiful skin bacteria.
2. Increase the number of beautiful skin bacteria.

1. Maintain the number of beautiful skin bacteria

Unnatural chemical components found in general soap cannot be food to beautiful skin bacteria. Items that take away too much sebum, which is food for beautiful skin bacteria, are also bad for beautiful skin. 

Probiotics Face Wash limits the breeding of unwanted bacteria while keeping the necessary sebum to maintain the skin condition.

2. Increase the number of beautiful skin bacteria

The face wash is mixed with lactic bacteria and carefully selected herbs that act as food for beautiful skin bacteria to grow. The face wash also moisturizes without artificial coating. It delivers lactic bacteria to make the skin produce its sebum (moisturization), so it feels different.

Just knowing the simple fact that your skin is smooth and healthy can make you happy! I hope you can be smiling today, tomorrow, and forever.

Suzuki Herb Laboratory will continue to support you in achieving a healthy body and skin. 

Thank you for reading.


  1. How can I order probiotic face wash?

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    "Probiotics Face Wash" can be ordered from this web page.


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