Boost Your Immunity Series Vol.5: The 10 Rules to Improve your Immune System with Good Bowel Movements

 Hello! I’m Kurihashi, an office staff.

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The topic of this issue is “The 10 rules to improve your immune system with good bowel movements”.

In the old times, people would say “health comes from a good bowel movement.” Excellent daily bowel movement is considered a prerequisite for becoming healthy.

However, women living in modern times experience serious constipation issues. About 60% of women are said to suffer from constipation. Sometimes, people don’t have any bowel movement for a week or even ten days. So, it is important to remember the “10 rules of good bowel movements” to eliminate these unpleasant discomforts in the intestines. 

I used to suffer from constipation as well. I reviewed my daily lifestyle and implemented the “10 rules of good bowel movements,” and I now have healthy bowel movements.

My mind and body feel great every day!

Recent studies show that the imbalance of the enteric bacteria reduced gut immunity and made you more prone to diseases like an infection.

In other words, if you can fix your constipation, the immune system of your whole body improves as well!
Today, I will introduce “The 10 Rules to Improve your Immune System with Good Bowel Movements,” recommended by the laboratory. 

I hope you can use these tips to review your lifestyle.

1. Drink a glass of water in the morning

When you wake up in the morning, your brain signals the gut to start activities. Drinking water stimulates the stomach and intestines, and it makes them more active. 

2. Eat vegetable soup for breakfast

The fiber in vegetables is an excellent cure for constipation. Rather than eating salads, vegetables soups can warm the body and satisfy the stomach. We recommend miso soup and pot-au-feu soup.

3. Eat Yogurt once a day or take lactic bacteria

Maintain your gut movement and increase the number of good bacteria to improve your immune system. 

4. Sit in the washroom for 10 minutes a day even if you don’t want to go

Train yourself to go to the toilet more often. When you sit and lean your body forward at a 45-degree angle, the stomach pressure can easily induce bowel movement.

5. Twist and stretch your waist

Stand with your legs apart at shoulder length, and twist your upper body left and right at a pace of 10 twists/30 seconds. You can move the intestines by doing this and develop bowel movements more effectively. 

6. Eat meals three times a day

Your bowel movement becomes less frequent when you eat less, such as when you’re on a diet, etc. If you have three balanced meals, you will have fewer chances to grab a snack, and you will develop a better daily meal habit. 

7. Hydrate yourself often during the day

The ideal amount of water intake in a day is said to be between 1.5-2.0 liters. During meals, drink soup and hydrate yourself often during breaks.
Remember to keep yourself hydrated.

8. Finish eating dinner three hours before going to bed

When you sleep with food in the stomach and intestines, it prevents nutrients from being absorbed and inducing bowel movements. If you eat an early light meal, it will also prevent obesity.

9. Massage your lower stomach area in the shape of the Japanese hiragana “no” (の) when you take a bath

While you are taking a bath, massage your lower stomach area, starting with the navel in the shape of the Japanese hiragana “no” (の). It will help promote bowel movement.

10. Get enough sleep to fully rest your mind and body

It is essential to get quality sleep to relieve yourself from constipation, stress, and get your body to recover. An hour before you sleep, distance your eyes from any light stimulus such as smartphones and TV. 

Try to have a relaxing environment.

How was it?

The cause of constipation can be an irregular and unbalanced diet, the lack of exercise, or stress.
If you want good bowel movements, try incorporating the 10 rules at your own pace.
It’s time to go back to the basics of being healthy and get good bowel movements. This will improve your immune system.

“Persistence is power,” so try it for a week at first. Then, continue it for a month, and then six months... I hope it becomes a natural habit for you.
Suzuki Herb Laboratory will continue to support you in achieving a healthy body and skin.
Thank you for reading.

Have an energetic day!


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