Boost Your Immunity Series Vol. 2: Restore your gut environment and boost your immunity!

 Hello! I am Kurihashi, a staff member at Suzuki Herb Laboratory.

Our laboratory publishes information to help you live a peaceful life with a healthy body and equally healthy skin.

The theme of this post is "Boost Your Immunity by Restoring Your Gut Environment".

1. The Key to Good Health is Your Gut Environment

The brain is an important center that controls your whole body, but your gut is called "the second brain" because it makes decisions by itself and can prevent diseases, even without orders from the brain. Furthermore, the gut has the ability to produce serotonin, which can influence our mental health and happiness. 

It's important to balance our gut environment for the sake of a healthy body and mind.

There are said to be 30,000 species of 100~1,000 trillion living intestinal bacteria inside the human gut. We can broadly classify the bulk of bacteria into 3 categories: "good bacteria," "bad bacteria," and "opportunistic pathogens." The greater the number of good bacteria, the better our immunity becomes.

On the other hand, an increase in bad pathogens causes toxic substances to be produced; absorbed by the intestines, and circulated all over the body, these will lead to an unbalanced gut environment.

In that scenario, our immunity weakens. We experience more constipation, our hormones become imbalanced, and our body's condition declines. In addition, the risk of catching a cold, getting sick, or getting infected by a virus rises.

Let's decrease the bad bacteria and increase the good by maintaining your intestinal environment!

2. Achieve Beautiful Skin! Foods to Increase Good Bacteria

The main factor in maintaining the gut environment is our daily diet. To increase the number of good bacteria, we recommend that you eat lots of food that contains good bacteria.

The classic example is lactobacillus. Many people think of yogurt when they hear "lactobacillus." But there are actually many plant-based lactobacilli in Japanese fermented foods, such as pickled vegetables, miso, and soy sauce.

These plant-based lactobacilli are special because they can easily reach the intestines while still alive.

The intestines also have a role in regulating moisture balance in the body. When moisture is low, the skin becomes dry, and when it is too high, edema can occur. When the gut environment is poor, no amount of cosmetic products can improve your skin condition.

Japanese fermented foods not only create a healthy gut environment, but they are also linked to beautiful skin.

Let's include some Japanese food in our diet every day.

3. Keep Your Body Warm to Boost Your Immunity!

It is said that exposing your body to the cold weakens the immune system, messes up the rhythm of bowel movements, leads to dry skin, and causes the body to be in poor shape.

Aim to drink warm liquids, use hand warmers, and avoid chilling your digestive system.

For every 1℃ rise in body temperature, your immune system reportedly improves by 30%.

A healthy gut is absolutely connected to your body's well-being, as well as an enhanced immune system.

These days, many people spend a lot of time inside their homes. During these unprecedented times, it would be beneficial to review our regular habits, eat fermented foods that improve our health and immune system, get enough sleep, and adopt a well-balanced lifestyle. What do you think about that?

When our body's rhythms are smooth, our skin becomes more beautiful. This can lead to having more positivity in meeting the future.

At Suzuki Herb Laboratory, we continue to support you in attaining a healthy body and skin. Thank you for reading.


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