We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children

Suzuki Herb Laboratory's Environmental Education Initiatives 

Suzuki Herb Laboratory is a cosmetics distributor and manufacturer that utilizes mother nature's blessings and the power of herbs. When talking about herbs, the precious raw material in our cosmetics, the topics of nature and the environment arises.

In the year 2009, our CEO Suzuki Sachiyo found out about the Environmental Education Program at the Furano Nature Seminar and started the same program for the whole company in 2010, which continues until today.

From 2011, the participation in the environmental education program is no longer limited to the company personnel. The courtesy has extended to Ibaraki prefecture residents, students and staff from nearby schools, and government officers. 

Ten years ago, the term "Global Warming" posed as an issue in the distant future, but the erratic weather patterns in recent years have forced us to think about what we can do for the environment now.

At the end of every Environmental Education Program, we would leave the participants with this quote from an American essayist and ask them to reflect on it.

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

Are we, as an advanced civilization, returning the Earth to our descendants in a better condition than when we borrowed it? A loan must be paid back one day.

Holding this spirit to heart, our company respects nature and will continue to take every step we can, no matter how small, to protect it.

Note: In honor of this program and other initiatives led by Suzuki Herb Laboratory, Ibaraki prefecture awarded us with the title "Environmentally-Friendly Company" in 2016. 

The photo above shows the environmental education program carried out at the Furano Nature Seminar called ‘4.6 Billion Years: The Earth's Path.’ While walking on a 460-meter long path symbolizing the 4.6 billion years of Earth's history, an instructor interactively shows the grand odyssey of the Earth's history. At the end of the path, you will see the long and painstaking history of the Earth’s environment, and how it’s changing rapidly in the short timeframe with human existence on Earth. 

The photo above shows the environmental education seminar held by our company in Ibaraki prefecture.

What is the Furano Nature Seminar?

Chairman Kuramoto, also known as the scriptwriter of the popular Japanese drama "Kita no Kuni Kara", started a Return to Nature Movement in 2005. It aims to return golf club fields into forests and use those fields to hold environmental education movements.

The environmental education programs, such as 4.6 Billion Years: The Earth's Path, The Rock That is Earth, and Barefooted Path, immerse the 5 senses of the participants into the rich nature of Hokkaido. They use dramatic depictions, gimmicks, and playwright techniques to allow participants to learn about the Earth's climate in an entertaining way.

They also have unique experience-based programs like Dark Classroom, where you get to be in a room without any light, and the Communication Program, which represents the theme of communicating messages.

Instructor Goro Nakajima who also teaches at the seminars in Ibaraki's Tokai village.

As a company that uses herbs and mother nature's blessing to make cosmetics, we will continue to be environmentally conscious and conduct environmental programs to the community.