What is skin friendly hair removal method recommended for junior high school students?

What hair removal method is recommended for junior high school students?

Junior high school students are just about to start to worry about people's eyes.
As a parent, you will often come to think of why they care about that! One of the points is waste hair treatment.
You may want to say, “Isn’t it too early to take a hair removal at such a young age?” “You can just leave it that way” or “Others don't see you that much”. However, adolescence is a time when they care about their surrounding gaze.
Even if you let the child put up with it, the trouble will not be solved. But you will be worried about letting them do unwanted hair treatment as much as they like.

Is it surprisingly the same as an adult? The situation of waste hair treatment of junior high school students

Perhaps you may have an idea that the situation of removing hair in teens and adults are very different. However, in reality, such situation for teenagers is not much different from that of adults.

Skin troubles & worries about cleaning unwanted hair

The most common problem of junior high school children's waste hair treatment is that it is troublesome to repeat care.
Following that, problems such as “cannot be treated cleanly”, “skin becomes ragged”, “pores are conspicuous”, “waste hair becomes darker” continue.
You may have noticed that the problems are not much different from yours of hair removal.
It's time for your child to be worried about others eyes, so it's better to recommend a safer method than prohibiting her(him) from treating unwanted hair.

What are the most common ways to remove unwanted hair?

The most popular methods include:

・Hair removal in the beauty salon
・Hair Removal Cream

 Of these, the most used ones, of course, are razors and tweezers, but such methods cause significant damage to the skin to varying degrees. As a parent, you will get tired of worrying about “what if my child gets cut with a razor?”.
It may be a little safer if you let your child go for aesthetic hair removal. However, it costs money and cannot be said to fit the child's skin.
Hair removal using a hair removal cream can be done just as easily as a razor, but some products can put a strain on the skin. Your skin may become rough if you use again and again.

Safe for parents and children! Shaver and Hair Reducing Lotion

Shavers, hair removal in the salon, and even the hair removal creams presented above are risky, and cannot be recommended by the parent for the child.
So what method of getting rid of unwanted hair for children can be surely recommended by parents?
It is an electric shaver and hair reducing lotion.

Electric shaver

An electric shaver is less likely to directly affect the skin, making it much less dangerous than a razor. Isn't it great to use this method for both parents and children?

Hair Reducing Lotion

Lotion inhibits the growth of unwanted hair, prevents it's growth and makes it thinner.
Just apply the lotion on desired skin area. Although the lotion does not give such a quick effect, it does not damage the skin, and we can say with confidence that teenagers and even small children can easily use it. Also, unlike shaving, the lotion prevents darkening and thickening of hair.

Conclusion:The best combination for hair removal is an electric shaver and lotion

There are various methods for treating unwanted hair, but just as any method can cause skin damage.
However, if your child use an electric shaver + hair reducing lotion, she(he) can care waste hair while minimizing the burden on the skin.
You can reduce the risks and disadvantages caused by other methods of hair removal, so why not recommend this method to your child?
Your child may have already treated waste hair with razors or something. Say “Hard to do that, isn't it?” And why not recommend an electric shaver and hair reducing lotion?