【Open pores】 For everyone who wants beautiful and beloved skin without pores! Let's talk about the causes and solutions by type of problem.

In the 30s and 40s, “pore trouble” is one of the top skin problems.
In the evening, the foundation of the cheek may get into the pores and stand out.
If you have a similar situation and you have open pores, then you should reconsider the usual methods of skin care.
How can you get smooth skin with no conspicuous pores? First, it is important to know the cause of the open pores and take appropriate measures.
It's time to fix this situation soon! We'd like to show you some methods to fix them and improve your skin.

What pores can be called "open"?

What kind of pores can be called open in the first place?
The following situations can be seen:

・The pores open, looking like an orange peel.
・The shape of the pores is round
・Your skin condition is oily, especially in the forehead and nose.

The makeup tends to collapse, so the makeup can get into the open pores and make the pores more noticeable as you repeat the makeup.
In addition to the problematic T-zone, forehead and nose, pores in the cheek area are also noticeable. And of course, they will be very easy to notice, because they are located in the center of the face.

The reason for the appearance of open pores

There are two main reasons why pores can become open:

<1. Increased sebum secretion>

The reason for the increase in sebum is not only the initial problem such as skin, but also “excessive cleansing” which can cause excessive secretion of sebum.
Are you worried about the oily skin of your skin and wash your face or rubb your skin many times a day? In this case, this is the direct reason why sebum can appear more and more. Trying to protect your skin, you thereby have a sebaceous gland stimulating effect on it.
Excess sebum clogs the pores, which can lead to the opening of pores.
In addition, sebum is excessively secreted to prevent drying out. Due to dryness, skin with a small amount of sebum has a rough texture in the stratum corneum, and the pores become noticeable as the skin becomes stiff and hard.

<2. Skin sagging due to aging>

With age, troubling sagging skin contracts under the influence of gravity, and the pores expand.
If you leave open pores without taking action, they will become open due to sagging skin.

How to improve pore opening

To improve pore opening, it is important to properly wash and moisturize your skin.

What does "proper face washing" mean?

Below are the recommendations for proper washing, which must be observed:

1. Wash your hands before the face washing.
2. Rinse your face with lukewarm water*.
3. Make a large amount of foam from by using a foaming mesh.
4. Gently apply foam onto the face. Keep your hands away from your face.
5. Rinse off the foam thoroughly with lukewarm water.
6. Do not rub your skin with a towel.

*Lukewarm water is one that feels slightly cool (about 32 degrees, slightly below body temperature).
We recommend washing on such temperature because too hot or too cold water deprives the skin of moisture. Also, when washing and rinsing, be careful not to rub your face.

Good hydration for open pores

After washing your face, hydration is a "must have"!
You have known, thet an inadequate hydration also causes excessive secretion of sebum. After you have prepared the skin by applying the lotion, moisturize it with milk or cream.
When applying basic cosmetics, apply gently so that you don't rub your skin.


Open pores can gradually narrow due to careful daily care.
Pores being in a dilated state for a long time, can lead to sagging, and excessive secretion of sebum will increase skin problems, such as acne.
Why don't you make correct skin care and make pore-free skin? Let's practice what you can do today, aiming for confident skin instead of hiding it with makeup.


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