Washing your face will change your skin ~ Skin-friendly facial washing method ~

Washing is the most basic facial treatment to keep your skin healthy.
The stratum corneum on the skin surface is only 0.02 mm thick, which is equivalent to one sheet of cellophane.
Washing your face with pressure may result that the thin and delicate skin becomes dry and rough.
It can be said that the skin condition depends on the face washing method.
We would like to show you about the face washing method by which you can treat your skin gently.

First of all, let's suppose your daily facial washing.
You are straining your skin if you:

□ wash your face with too cold or hot water
□ wash your face without foaming well
□ wash your face with extra force
□ wash away in the shower
□ wipe your face like rubbing with a towel

How to wash not "too much"?

Even if you have already strained your skin so far never mind.It's still OK.
To keep your skin healthy, start right from today.
Let's clean your hands before starting!

1. Prepare plenty of foam

Use a foaming net to make lots of fine foam.
The amount of foam needed is about the size of one and a half lemons.
Make the foam elastic enough not to fall even if you turn your hand upside down.

2. Wash like wrapping with the foam

Simply applying the fine foam on your face is enough to remove dirt and sebum from the skin.Keep your fingers away from the skin.
Gently wrap your face in the foam rather than scrubbing, and wash without putting extra force.

3. Rinse with lukewarm water

The appropriate temperature is 32 ° C,which is about that the wrists do not feel hot.
If the water is too hot or too cold, it will dehydrate the skin and cause rough skin.
Scoope the lukewarm water stored in the basin with both hands and let the foam flow gently.
Rinse firmly so that there is no residue on the forehead or chin.

4. Gently dry your face with a clean towel

Choose towels soft and smooth on your skin.
Gently put the towel on your face without applying pressure. Be careful not to wipe or rub.

Your skin will change by face washing

By simply changing the face wash, you will feel that the penetration of the subsequent lotion will improve and the skin texture will become smooth, healthy and radiant!

・ Prepare plenty of foam
・ Wash like wrapping with the foam
・ Rinse with lukewarm water
・ Gently dry with a clean towel

Let's try the face wash not"too much" from today!