The cause of the dullness skin is in daily cleansing!?

Aren't you worried about dull skin?
If your skin is dull, it may look tired or older than it actually is. You may not be satisfied with the finish of the makeup and spend a day feeling depressed. There are various causes for dullness, but it may actually be caused by daily cleansing!
Let's understand the cause of dullness and get clear skin with the correct cleansing method ♪

What are the causes of dullness skin?

There are several common causes of dullness.

・ Old stratum corneum

The obsolete stratum corneum is the first thing to be mentioned. If skin metabolism is impaired, then old keratin accumulates on the surface of the skin, and the new and healthy cells do not reach the skin's surface. The old keratin will not peel off and will become thick, and it will remain on the surface and make your skin appear darker.

・ Dry skin

When the skin becomes dry, it's texture becomes rough and fine shadows appear in the area, leaving the entire face dark."

・ Stained pores

Condition of the pores can make the skin dull. Such problems are divided into: black pores, open pores and clogged pores.

・ Melanine pigments

Melanin pigments made by UV rays can also cause skin dullness. They are usually excreted, but but if made too much, they will be pigmented and cause dullness. In addition to ultraviolet rays, physical stimulation also can produce melanin pigments.

Pay attention to excessive rubbing  skin! What is the relationship between dullness and cleansing?

So why does cleansing lead to dull skin?
We mentioned about old stratum corneum, dryness, stained pores and melanin pigments as the cause of the predominantly dullness. In order to remove the old layer of skin and dirty pores, many people thoroughly cleanse the skin. However, it may rub your skin too much, making it more prone to dullness.
The facial skin is only 0.2mm thick, and over-cleansing can cause even younger cells to fall off, disrupting skin turnover.
In addition, the necessary sebum is washed away and drying proceeds. To protect it, sebum is excessively secreted, resulting in dirt on the pores.
And, excessive rubbing during cleansing can damage the skin and produce melanin pigments as a defensive reaction.


Do not rub too much when cleansing or washing your face

If you cleanse too many times or rub your skin too much, it will be a great stimulus. The same can be said about daily facial washing. When friction occurs, it can irritate and cause damage on your skin. The right way of cleansing is as follows.

・ Put cleanser on the skin surface and massage gently
・ Perform up to twice a day
・ Finish in one minute at a time
・ If you need to wash your face after cleansing, gently wash it so that fine bubbles slide on the skin

By keeping these things in mind, you can remove only the dirt without rinsing more sebum than necessary. Also, avoid strong irritation such as tingling, and try to wash as gently as possible by sliding on the belly of your finger. Just practicing them should improve your skin's transparency.
As you get older, you tend to suffer from skin dullness, but facing the causes correctly can improve your skin condition.
First of all, why not review your daily cleansing and facial washing?