Lifestyle and skin ~ Create beautiful, resisting stress skin

How much stress do you get in everyday life?
Perhaps you are stuck in your daily household chores or at work, or you often get a feeling depressed ...
Stress is a reaction to any stimulation from the outside, and the command is transmitted from the brain to the autonomic nerve, and the body becomes nervous.
It is a scientifically proven fact that when stress builds up, the skin becomes rough, disturbing the balance between autonomic nerves and hormone secretion and causing skin damage.

This time we will reveal four points in which you can make beautiful and stress-free skin, just by reviewing your daily lifestyle a bit.

Take a breath and rehydrate your body!

Lack of moisture leads to dry skin.
Water is needed to improve blood circulation,  metabolism and release waste from the body.
We lose about 2 liters of water per day through the excretory systems, primarily through sweat and excretion.
To make up for it, you need to drink water every day regardless of the season. It also leads to improved metabolism and detox.

Check your posture when using a smartphone or PC!

When using a smartphone or computer, are there any wrinkles on your eyebrows or are you looking down?
It is said that when the posture is bad, the body is distorted and the skin is distorted, causing sagging.
In addition, if you are in this posture for a long time, your body will be stressed and your shoulders and eyes will get tired.
If possible, hold the smartphone in front of you and use it in a good posture.

Relax in a warm bath to relieve stress…

If you want to increase blood circulation and relax, it is recommended to stay in warm water at 40 ° C or less for 10–15 minutes.
Soaking in a warm bath 1-2 hours before going to bed leads to a good night's sleep.
If you are busy, you may end up with a shower. . However, the water pressure in the bathtub improves the lymph flow of the swollen feet in the evening and also has a massage effect.
Soaking in baths as much as possible helps keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Create a comfortable place to relax in the bedroom.

Lack of sleep can reduce skin resistance and make it more sensitive.
It is important to prepare the environment for good quality sleep.
Try to pay attention to the bedding, change sheets and pillowcases frequently and use a pleasant scent to create a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation.

Take care of your mind and skin with your own relaxation method ...

You can also relax using the aromatherapy method, gardening or trying herbal treatments.
If you feel heavy in the body, exercise well, practice yoga,  make new trips or just move the car!
Mind and skin have a strong connection.
Try to organize your lifestyle, friendly to your body and find a relaxing method that will help you avoid stress and will be the shortest path to beautiful skin and health.
Take care of your skin and body with joy!