Is it already common sense? Let's talk about hair removal in the most delicate area(VIO)

It is not a place that people can see often, but it is a delicate area that you care about at the time for a swimsuit or when you would like to indulge in a hot spring.

You may ask: "Can I care for myself? Or should I go to esthetics or beauty dermatology?"
This time we will answer these questions about the care of the delicate VIO zone.
We whould like to show you about some VIO skin care methods and advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

It's hard to talk about... How do you care for VIO?

"How do you take care of your VIO zone? This is a very delicate topic that you cannot discuss even with very close friends...isn't it?
In fact, many Japanese women today are concerned about caring for sensitive areas, because knowledge of this has only recently begun to be realized in Japan."

"Overseas, hair removal in the VIO zone is common. This is not only because of the appearance of not being able to choose swimsuits and fashion without hair removal, but also from the idea that care is required in a sanitary manner.
In Europe and the United States, VIO hair removal is called hygienic (hygiene) hair removal and is generally established.Because the delicate zone can easily become dirty and unsanitary if the VIO hair removal is not performed.
Since Hollywood actresses and celebrities have made a public statement about the care of such a delicate zone, it has spread mainly in celebrities and models in Japan, and in recent years it has gradually spread to ordinary women. "

By the way, as shown in the table below, about half of the women did some processing on the delicate zone.

Types of care methods

We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular methods for the care of the delicate zone.


Method when long thick hair is sheared in the visible area of the delicate zone.
The advantage of this type of hair removal is that you can do it easily and safely. On the other hand, there is a disadvantage in that you cannot see the uniformity of the haircut, and the cut hair ends can be prickly.


You can also easily shave the visible parts of the bikini area. The advantage is that it is completely easy, and no one sees you.
Disadvantages are the risk of shaving invisible areas and the risk of damaging the sensitive delicate skin with a razor. Many people may also be wondering how much to shave.

Electric shaver

The advantage is that you can shave more safely than razors. The disadvantage is still hurting the skin.

Salon and cosmetic dermatological clinic

The advantage of this removal method is that it can be clean and safe compared to self-processing. However, the disadvantage is inconvenience, pain, waste of time and expensiveness.

There is resistance to losing all hair ... In this case, we recommend you a lotion that slows down hair growth!

In addition to "hair removal and depilation," there is another option to care for the delicate area. This is “hair growth suppression”.
Some people may think “If I remove all the hair in the bikini zone, I will be embarrassed when I go to a hot spring, etc.”
If you don't want to remove all the hair from the bikini zone, but want to reduce unwanted hair a little and want to make it thinner, “hairless lotion” is recommended.

“Hairless lotion” slows hair growth if used on a regular basis. You can make your hair thinner or less, just applying 1-2 times a day lotion in the places where you need it.
In addition, unlike hair removal, due to the effects of lotion hair is lost gradually, so you do not need to worry about the views of strangers in hot springs etc. And also, if you adjust the period of hair growth, matching in accordance with the thickness and amount of hair, you will get the desired result in a natural way.
 It is also excellent because it can be cared for without putting a heavy burden on your skin or wallet.

Advantages of hairless lotion
・ Skin friendly
・ Does not cause embarrassment
・ Natural removal
・ No any discomfort after treatment

<Conclusion> Let's take a gentle care of your skin

VIO care is gradually becoming a trend in Japan. And there's a great news that such  procedure can be performed as safely and naturally as possible.
  Now you know about the wonderful way to get rid of hair, which will not give you a feeling of awkwardness, pain, and which is soft for the skin and does not require either time or special expenses ... have you already thought about trying it?

As one of these tools, we recommend to use a lotion that slows down hair growth. As a care, you only need to apply lotion 1-2 times a day to the desired area.

If you have not dealt with the VIO area before, why not to try using special care with the hairless lotion?