[Black pores] Aim for poreless skin! Causes and improvement methods by type

The problem of pores is endless. Haven't your pores problems solved even though you have been using high-end cosmetics?
There are various problems with pores.
This time, we would like to show in detail about "black pores".

First of all, you should know about your skin condition.
The pores will be improved by taking measures according to the type.

Which type are your black pores?

Proper skin care is the basis for measures against black pores.
There are actually two types of “black pores”.
The skin care suitable for each type is required. You can see the type by touching them, so let's check what type of black pores you have.

<TypeA : You can touch raised skin bumps>
The pores raised.Lots of skin bumps are found in the T-zone with a lot of sebum,such as the forehead and nose.
→Those are the type of black pores with keratotic plugs.If there are many around the small nose, it is sometimes called "strawberry nose".

<TypeB : The surface of pores are smooth when touched>
The pores aren't raised.The surface of the pores are smooth, but the dark pores are noticeable.
→Those are the type of pores with melanin.
The pores are not clogged with something. Those look dark with the spots.

What causes black pores?

As mentioned above, black pores are caused by keratotic plugs and melanin. Each will be explained in detail.

<TypeA : Black pores with keratotic plugs>
Those pores look black because the plugs clogged in the pores are oxidized.
A keratotic plug is a mixture of old keratin and sebum.
Keratotic plugs can easily accumulate due to excessive secretion of sebum and disturbance of skin turnover.

<TypeB : Black pores with melanin>
Those black pores are melanin deposit. There are two main causes of melanin pigment formation, one is ultraviolet radiation and the other is inflammation of pores.

As you may know, ultraviolet rays can produce melanin pigments, but by stimulating the skin with friction, melanin pigments may be deposited around the pores. It also occurs when you have crushed acne.
Also, aren't you scrubbing the skin during cleansing and face washing? That friction is one of the causes of black pores.

How to improve black pores

Skin care, moisture retention, and UV protection are very important for improving black pores.

<Understand the correct cleansing and face washing method>

Since skin friction can thicken the skin and lead to the production of melanin pigment, do skin care that does not irritate the skin as much as possible.

If you use a small amount of cleansing, friction will increase and put a strain on your skin. Similarly, in the face washing, if there are less foam, it will rub your skin with your hands.

・ Check the amount of cleansing agent (appropriate amount that does not put a strain on the skin)
(It is NG if there are too many or too little cleansing agents)

・ Wash gently with plenty of foam without rubbing

Let's keep these two in mind.

<Moisturize well>

To prevent excessive sebum secretion, it is important to take measures against dry skin. Let's choose lotion with high moisturizing effect. Penetration can be improved by applying it several times rather than applying a lot at once, and then applying it with a hand press.

<UV protection throughout the year>

It's not just summer that needs sunscreen. In the spring and autumn, the ultraviolet rays are falling, so you need sunscreen when the weather is nice even in winter.

Even if you just go shopping nearby, be sure to apply sunscreen wheneber you go out.

<Review of lifestyle habits>

In order to improve black pores, it is also necessary to review lifestyle habits such as eating and sleeping. Because our skin is made from what we eat, there is a limit to how much it can be improved with skin care alone.

Take vitamin B2 to improve skin metabolism, liver containing beta-carotene (vitamin A) to keep your skin healthy, and green and yellow vegetables. Also, staying up late prevents the secretion of growth hormone and leads to rough skin. Make sure you sleep well.


Black pores have various causes such as ultraviolet rays, friction on the skin, and excessive secretion of sebum, and it is important to remove the causes one by one.

In order to make pore-free skin, please try to be gentle skin care and not to irritate the skin anyway. That alone will gradually change your skin. Also, don't forget to apply sunscreen because the sun's rays fall on not only nice days but also cloudy days!

Black pores will spread if left unattended, causing various skin problems and sagging pores. After that, skin care will become increasingly difficult. Let's take measures against pores from now on!