"Roughness and pores" Do you want your skin to never know the suffering? Varieties of causes of problems and how to eliminate them

At each age period, skin problems appear differently. The main problems are redness, pigmentation, wrinkles and enlarged pores can most often be noted.
At the age of 10-20 years, the skin has a tendency to secrete a lot of sebum, so during this period skin is especially problematic and porous.
With age skin turgor weakens, and  pores become an even more outstanding problem.
Unlike the same spots that can be hidden under a layer of makeup, the pores are not so easy to hide. And a thick layer of toners cannot be applied all the time, especially in hot weather.
So what the pores are, and what we can do with it? Now we will tell you how to improve your skin quality.
If you have a problem, and the thought “pores are too noticeable lately...”  more often and often takes your mind, you are at the right time and place!

What does the ewakness skin pores mean?

How can you determine the state of yours pores?
First of all, it nessesary understand for yourself - "slack of pores"  is not a sudden process.
Perhaps you have already wondered: “If I have wide pores, does it mean that my skin loses its elasticity?” Let's check the quality of the skin with the following statements:
・ When tightening the skin up, the pores are invisible
・ Pores are still visible even under a thick layer of foundation
・ Recently, lines from wrinkles have become noticeable.
・ Pores in the cheek area are noticeable
・ Skin looks dry
The more statements you agree with, the higher the likelihood of slack of pores.

<Characteristics of weakened pores>

As the name suggests, sluggish skin pores sag and become noticeable. You can see that it has oval form, if you look closely.
This is characterized by the fact that it can be seen on the face, especially on the cheeks, in the most visible area.

What is the reason of weakness the pores?

There are three main reasons why weakness og pores occurs:
1. Aging skin
The dermal layer in it's deep part of the skin weakens with time, as a result of which the elasticity of the skin is lost, and the pores are drawn out. Because of this, it becomes open.
2. Hormonal disbalance
In women, stress and fatigue can disrupt the hormonal balance. By about 30 years, the hormonal balance begins to gradually break down, and sebum increases,  leading to the open pores.
3. Insufficient hydration and dry skin.
Dry skin can also cause weakness of the pores, because without sufficient moisture it loses elasticity and becomes more prone to dull skin and pores.

How to improve the state of pores?

But how to improve the condition skin with problematic pores? It's necessary to consider various methods of improvement depending on the cause of problem.
 So let's consider three recommendations for perfect skin:

<1. Aging skin care>

Skin tightening is effective for  inelastic skin due to age. Be sure to do a massage for blood flow to the face. Apply massage cream or natural oil and gently massage your face along the massage lines from top to bottom.
In addition, becides cosmetics, it is recommended to nourish the skin from inside. The supplements will help you, becouse it rich of vitamines and contains components useful for tightening the skin, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.

<2. Adjust hormonal balance according to your lifestyle>

The hormonal balance of women is so sensitive that fatigue and stress can make it more uncertain. For complete relaxation, take a bath more often, relax your body and mind, and not just take a quick shower.
But the main thing - get enough sleep! Go to bed as early as possible and be sure no later than 12 am

<3. High-quality hydration>

The older you get, the easier your skin becomes dry, and needs good moisturizing. After washing, your face becomes drier, so after cleansing your skin, always apply a moisturizer and / or lotion to keep your skin beautiful.
And in order that the skin always remains moist, you also need moisturizing from the inside. Try to drink from 1 to 1.5 liters of pure water per day.
It is also important to prevent ultraviolet radiation from the skin. Ultraviolet rays not only cause pigmentation, but also dry the skin, so protection against ultraviolet radiation should be taken regardless of the season.


With age, you will worry about the deterioration of the pores. Undoubtedly, there is an irreversible aging process, but you can maximally soften and improve skin changes through daily care and a healthy lifestyle.
You can do many skin care procedures by yourself, without visiting a beauty salon or using expensive cosmetics.
The condition of the skin may depend on how we eat and how we nutrite our skin, and new cells are created during sleep. Your skin will firstly respond to what you eat and your lifestyle.
Undoubtedly, gentle skin care is essential. Find the right care for your skin and stick to it daily. It is important to start your care immediately if you feel that your skin is not in perfect condition. To create a clear skin without dilated pores, let's push off from what we can do today and begin our journey to perfect skin right now!