Proper care and precautions! How to get rid of facial hair

The topic which is not spoken out loud: unwanted facial hair

Recently, the information is replete with different techniques and skin care tips, but choosing a truly proper care is not so easy, is it?
In addition, even if you have skin problems, it may be difficult to ask others.
Probably one of the most painful topics is facial hair, because this is what your interlocutor and, in principle, the people around you pay attention to first.
Perhaps you may just thought that this topic applies only to men. But in fact, there are many women who are worried about unwanted facial hair.

Even if you are  stylish person and make a perfect make-up, you may feel embarrassed if you have a slight beard around your mouth and someone noticed that...
It is important to know the right care and countermeasures before you feel embarrassed and before you cause rough skin due to wrong treatment.
This is an opportunity! Let's aim for a beautiful skin by care around your mouth!

Why is there a beard on the face of women?

“Hair around mouth” is often an unpleasant problem for a women.
Even women have hair growth on their faces, but there are individual differences.
Depending on whether the body hair is darker or lighter, the conspicuousness of vellus hair will also be decided.
However, there may be several other causes.

1) Lack of sleep

If you have disturbed sleep, hormonal balance will able to break  as response. If hormonal balance is disturbed, it is more likely to affect the skin and hair of the body.
It is said that there is Cinderella time for beautiful skin that adjusts hormone balance in sleep.
Try to get as much sleep as possible during the first Cinderella time during the first three hours of sleep.

2) Gastrointestinal upset

If you have many unbalanced meals such as fast food and instant noodles, the hormone balance tends to be lost.
Take vegetables as much as possible and try a diet that takes into consideration nutritional balance.

3) Stress

Stress can disrupt hormone balance. Let's take a break moderately.

As mentioned above, hormone balance is lost, and even women may have dark hair around their mouths.

And what is the wrong care?

Of course, there are  the wrong ways to care, applying which leads to a high risk of skin problems. Therefore, we will present some of the wrong care methods.

1) Removal with tweezers

If you remove hair in such a way, the hair is removed with the root and it takes longer to grow a new one on it place. In this case, of course, the skin is smoother than after shaving. But it should be remembered that the skin around the mouth is thin, and the soft hair grows like a special protective cover, so when you remove it you will most likely experience severe pain, and later it can lead to stress and inflammation of the skin and can cause pigmentation and the appearance of spots during repeated attempts.

2) Removal with a razor

It is light and painless, but the surface of the skin is definitely will be damage. It works like a cumulative effect, because the skin does not have time to rest, which can lead to the roughness and problem with  oily skin, which can cause acne and ingrown hair. Definitely, this removal method is not safe.

Hair care with lotion which slows hair growth!

If you are one of those who have previously used one of these wrong methods, perhaps you are concerned about what the method should you take care of your hair ?
That is why we present you the best and most suitable for any person useless hair care with lotion inhibiting hair growth.
The lotion is used for the skin after the hair removal procedure to prevent the roughness of the skin and slow down hair growth.
You can get the perfect skin without the need for costly and painful care for unwanted hair!

We recommend that you first determine your hair type and compare the ingredients in the lotion.
Some seem to be made of safe and gentle ingredients that can be used by children and pregnant women.
In addition, there are hair-loss lotions that are exclusively for facial hair and other skin-care lotions that suppress the growth of hair. Let's consider the purchase by carefully reading the product description and ingredients.
Since it is used every day, it is important to choose safe products and keep using them for a long time!

For skin that does not suffer from unwanted hair around the mouth

It is difficult to speak about that, and it causes great embarrassment if someone noticed the hair around the mouth ...
If you use the wrong care, the risk of hardened skin increases, and you may have problems with inflammation, pigmentation, ingrown hair, and so on.
For this reason, we recommend a hair-loss lotion that can treat unwanted hair while preparing your skin.
However, there are various types of hair-loss lotion, so it is a good idea to look for one that suits you while consulting with your skin quality, ingredients, and wallet.
Isn't it time for you to say goodbye to the unwanted hair around your mouth?