The time for painless hair removal and for men! Is it normal for men to use hair removal cream?

Do you think men need removal procedures of unwanted hair?
Many are not yet aware of the subject of men's hair, until now it was considered natural only for women. In fact, most men do shave.
But recently, however, under the influence of fashion and etiquette, men are increasingly  removing unwanted hair from areas such as legs and eyebrows.

Do men need to get rid of unwanted hair? Modern hair removal for men

At the beginning we will try to figure out whether it is necessary to remove unwanted hair?
If your body hair is not such a remarkable, perhaps its shouldn't be touched. Initially, hair on the body in order to perform the function of protection against external irritants, our skin was created in order to protect the body. But now the lack of hair does not cause any discomfort on the skin. Now we have clothes for protection, therefore unlike animals, body hair is not so important for human life.
Unlike women, men do not bother about the epilation of hands and feet do not care about unwanted hair. However, according to a survey of medical clinics involved in the study of scalp and hair (*), conducted in 2017,   about 40% of men remove unwanted hair.
Recently, specialized salons and clinics for male hair removal have become more common. However, total hair removal leads to great financial and often psychological difficulties. Most men choose a regular shave with a razor, less depilation with Brazilian wax. In recent times, the popularity of depilation is a special cream for removing unwanted hair. This procedure is easy to do at home by yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages men's removing unwanted hair

There are many advantages in removing unwanted hair. Here are the following

Good side of men's unwanted  hair removal 

・ Feeling clean even wearing open clothes such as shorts
・ Skin looks bright and fresh and smooth without hair
・ Bacteria find it harder to reproduce itself on the clear skin, so  unpleasant body odor eliminates

Your skin not only looks beautiful, but also easier to cope with unpleasant body odor. In particular, this is a big advantage in the summer when we sweat and the skin gives off an unpleasant smell. So what are the disadvantages?

Disadvantages of Male Depilation

  ・ For complete hair removal takes time and money
  ・ In case of shaving, repeating of the procedure is regularly.
  ・ May occur skin  problems after removing unwanted hair.
  ・ After shaving, the  hairs begin to prick and pores are more visible

The so-called “permanent hair removal” is hair removal using a medical laser in a clinic, which is quite expensive compared to other methods. It is worth noting that hair removal does not end with one procedure. No matter what method you use to remove unwanted hair, you need to maintain it regularly, so even if you choose permanent hair removal, it will take time.
It is important to know the "hair cycle" for the treatment of unwanted hair. Unwanted hair does not grow out  at once. The human body is designed so that every hair grows in its own period. In other words, even if the hair is removed only once, you will soon need a few more procedures to remove other growing hairs.

Even at the case of “permanent hair removal”  it takes time because it is necessary to remove hair every time it enters the hair cycle. This does not end until all the hair roots entering the hair cycle can be removed.
In addition, if you use a shaver to remove unwanted hair, the load on the skin can be increased, which can cause skin problems and make it more coarse. Subsequent care is also very important.

Our recommendation for removing unwanted hair in men is Hair Removal Cream

If you associate unwanted hair with something problematic, we recommend for you starting from simple care, such as a hair removal cream. There are many ways for men's removing hair. However, with compare to other products, hair removal cream works without stressing the skin. Razor gives an additional load  the skin because of blade. Such method  usually causes further skin problems.
Most of the male half in this issue involves such a problem as hair stiffness, because of  a constant feeling of unshavenness. Brazilian wax and wax tapes work by sticking hair to a wax tape, and then abruptly tear off  along with the hairs, thereby creating extra stress for the skin. Depending on the pain threshold of each of us, this type of hair removal can be very painful. In addition, Brazilian wax requires a special approach: temperature control during use and storage.

If you are thinking about effective hair removal for men without stress for the skin and without wasting time and effort, choose a hair removal cream containing ingredients that help slow hair growth.

All you need is to apply a hair removal cream, wait a little, and then gently remove the cream with a towel and wash it off. Easy and simple! We believe the is the main advantage is cream does not require a lot of costs, time and effort. Our cream for hair removal contains special moisturizing ingredients for skin care, due to which the risk of skin troubles after the procedure is reduced to zero.
In addition, choosing a hair removal cream containing ingredients that slow down hair growth, you perform a 2 in 1 procedure: not only remove hair, but also extend the growth time until the subsequent unwanted hair. In other words, continuing to use the cream, you are more and more reduce the amount of hair on the body!
This is the recommended method, especially for those men who want to minimize the amount of used hair, but unlike salons, this procedure does not require time and money, and is also painless.

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