How to remove hair on the legs (below the knee)? All about care and wrong measures

 Unwanted hair especially on the legs are cause the greatest concern, if you don't take care of it in time.
 At the warm season, when the legs are in particular need of care,  the load on skin increases. That's why we recommend to you to take care of  unwanted hair using an ideal tool!
Many have already become boring phrase: "I use a razor almost every day." But do you know about the RIGHT care?
Today we will lead you on how to properly, quickly and easily remove unwanted hair on your legs at home! Be sure to learn how to remove unwanted hair true way and apply this knowledge in daily care.

Unwanted hair in problem zone № 1
Leg hair (below the knee)

In 2015, from the poll “about unwanted hair problems”
About 78% answered “Feel increased hairiness” about unwanted hair.
According to the study, 
the most problematic area was the hair on the legs (in the area below the knee). By the way, the following by popularity turned out to be:
Legs (especially in the area below the knee) are often disturbed by both men and women, and therefore are particularly worthy of attention on the body. But is there such a difference in the density of unwanted hair?

<The reason for the difference in hair density? >

There is a popular opinion among people that hair thickening on the body is due to an increase in the secretion of androgen hormones.
 In each of us, regardless of gender, there are many male hormones, originally caused by the inheritance of parents, and it can increase with regular stress and any negative consequences.
 In adolescence, hormonal balance tends to drastically change, so hair may become temporarily dark. It can also darken to protect the skin from external damage, such as ultraviolet radiation.

Removing unwanted hair at home

Now let's try to deal with the wrong methods of hair removal:

× Do not shave hair against hair growth

Almost all shave  hair against hair growth. Of course, it gives a better effect than shaving along the hair, but such method is harmful to the skin and is not recommended for frequent use.

× Do not use soap as a helper for shaving

There are many people who shave with soap while taking a bath, but it is better to apply a special gel or cream on steamed skin, the hairs also become softer and supple. It is the safest method, since it does not affect the stratum corneum.

× Do not leave skin without moisturizing

It adversely affects the skin if you do not use additional moisturizing after the shaving procedure. After shaving, it is important to apply body cream or any other moisturizer. Since hair removal gives an excessive load to the skin, you should take care of it regularly.

Because the knee zone is an outstanding part, it requires more thorough care (moisturizing)

If you still decide to continue using the razor, remember the following three points:
・ Shave the hair on it growth
・ Use gel or cream instead of soap.
・ Shave only on steamed and moisturized skin.
The lower leg area is more visible than you think. 

Almost everyone takes good care of their face and hair, but their legs are usually taken by surprise. Some managed to think: "It is difficult to care every day." However, if you take care regularly, it will lead to the preservation of beautiful and smooth skin.
And we are happy to help you with this, because we know a method with less damage to the skin: hair removal cream and hair growth retardant lotion.
Review your method of removing unwanted hair and try our recommendations. The result is not long in coming!